Jeff Bredahl

Even The Odds With An Experienced Trial Lawyer

Solving Problems. Protecting Your Rights And Future.

At Bredahl Law Firm, P.C., each team member – from certified paralegals and project managers to a private investigator – is a highly skilled and caring professional working in tandem with attorney Jeff A. Bredahl. As confidantes and counselors, the firm’s professionals form a trusted alliance on the side of those who are suffering an injustice, facing wrongful accusations or people whose lives have been devastated in other ways.

The litigation process is not easy and requires careful thought and preparation. When livelihoods are at risk or unfair advantages are afoot, every person has the right to take action. Attorney Jeff A. Bredahl and his team seek to right the wrongs and help people just like you through the legal process of recovering your losses and restoring your dignity.

Why Hire A Lawyer?

When your trouble seems insurmountable, hiring an experienced lawyer can make a difference in the time it takes to solve your legal problems. While the exact results of your case are never a guarantee, an attorney who knows his way around the courtroom can help to even the odds you are up against.

Whether you are contending with law enforcement for suspicion of a criminal offense, a soon-to-be former spouse in a divorce, a negligent driver who caused your injuries, attorney Jeff Bredahl will explain the charges or how the law factors into your case, explore your legal options and help you make wise choices no matter your legal problem.

Get Legal Help To Even The Odds

You may have read about attorney Jeff Bredahl in the paper or seen an interview on the news. He is a high-impact trial attorney who has a solid reputation for his steady wins inside and outside courtrooms throughout North Dakota. Jeff is successful because he and his team of professionals care about protecting your rights and future. For a consultation, call Bredahl Law Firm, P.C., in Fargo at 701-353-4581 or send an email to make arrangements for a meeting to discuss your legal problem.