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Aggressive Criminal Defense And Legal Advocacy

Attorney Jeff A. Bredahl cares about protecting your rights and future. He draws from extensive courtroom success to help you resolve problems relating to allegations of misdemeanor offenses, felony criminal charges, DUI, divorce, child custody, accident injuries, and other cases. 

Evening The Odds For Clients Throughout Cass County and Across North Dakota

Arrested In North Dakota? Now What?

Getting pulled over for drunk driving or hauled into the station for suspicion of drug charges can be terrifying. No matter the charges you are facing, from shoplifting, trespassing, embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, domestic assault, weapons charges, drunk driving, drug offenses to murder, it’s a tough conversation with your family, your boss and yourself. North Dakota’s criminal justice system can be intense to face on your own without an experienced defense lawyer at your side. Excessive use of force, officer shootings and the prosecution’s unjust determination of criminal charges can make it seem like you have no chance for a favorable outcome. Are you contending with an arrest? Call an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Why Hire Jeff?

Attorney Jeff Bredahl can help you get a fair chance at having your side of the story heard when it is your day in court. He helps by conducting his own investigation into how your arrest went down. He gathers witness statements and talks to experts. He helps you understand the charges you are facing and the potential options into which you can tap. Some of his clients’ problems have been solved even before having to go into court.

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Attorney Jeff A. Bredahl

Even The Odds For Your Case

Favorable Outcomes

​Attorney Jeff Bredahl works hard in state and federal courts. He does not guarantee the exact outcome of your case – no attorney can – he draws from many years of successful experience in and out of the courtroom to provide the legal advocacy shaped to your legal needs. Here are the outcomes of recent cases.

Murder    |    Not Guilty

Theft And Fraud    |    Not Guilty

12-Count Federal Indictment    |    Not Guilty On Several Counts

Federal Court: Life In Prison    |    Reduced To Probation

Federal Court: Felony Charges    |    Reduced To Misdemeanor

Murder: Moving A Body    |    Federal Indictment Dismissed


Not Guilty

Theft And Fraud

Not Guilty

12-Count Federal Indictment

Not Guilty On Several Counts

Federal Court: Life In Prison

Reduced To Probation

Federal Court: Felony Charges

Reduced To Misdemeanor

Murder: Moving A Body

Federal Indictment Dismissed

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You can hire someone with no experience, or you could aim for a more favorable result with an experienced trial lawyer.